My websites

My name is Adrian Dickin and I live in Huddersfield (West Yorkshire) and work as a computer programmer for a consultancy in Leeds.

I started Scottish Country Dancing in 2009 and took over the website in 2015.

Originally I generated the website as a static website using the Javascript (Node) tools grunt.js and handlebars.js.

In 2020 I changed the website to use Next.js, a static site generator based on React.

The website is available at

Since the 1980's I've been interested in computer generated graphics.

At the end of 2019 I went to see a Bridget Riley exhibition in London. This motivated me to try to generate some art by writing computer programs. I ordered pictures, acrylic blocks, laptop cases, masks etc. My partner, Catherine, also created some Christmas cards derived from some of my patterns.

At the end of 2020 I created my Redbubble store and my art website on setandlink. My art website has some free backgrounds for use on video calls, there are also some videos and samples of design on the Redbubble site. The setandlink website is also created using Next.js.

The Redbubble store is at ac-creative.

My art website is at